Who We Are

Ryan Jay, CEO

Ryan is responsible for all aspects of Paisley Recommerce’s global business. With extensive experience in global sales, reverse logistics, and operations, he leads Paisley’s procurement and sales.

Ryan has traveled extensively to over 45 countries working hands-on to develop Paisley’s formal and informal markets. His relentless passion and clear vision are integral in driving Paisley forward into the next generation. Ryan is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.

David Jay

David started his career with the predecessor company, B Klitzner and Son, in January 1971. In 1976 he bought the company and completely changed almost every facet of that business including the name to The Jay Group. In the 35 years of developing third world markets for brand sensitive clients, The Jay Group brand has become synonymous with this task. David has been the only CEO of the parent company. He has served on various boards and holds a BBA from The University of Georgia.

Robert Brockmann

Robert Brockmann has been part of Midwest Service since 1989. Over the years, Midwest has provided a wide range of services including pallet mill operations, outside storage, pick-n-pack services, recycling programs and trucking services throughout the United States. However, over through all the years, the primary business has always been in the reverse logistics and returns business.

Robert graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan. He also has a master’s degree in Theology from… Concordia Seminary and a Master’s of Social Work from University of Southern California. He is married to his wife Lynn and has five children and six grandchildren.

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